Saturday, May 29, 2010


I love getting mail, and I love the internet. So it was extra exciting yesterday morning when my postman delivered two packages to me!

The first parcel contained this delightful book called A Book of British Crowns.

The second parcel was from my swap with Carly! Carly's blog is and I absolutely love her watercolours and prints, so we decided to do a swap. Check out what I received by clicking below!

Such a lovely watercolour of my late cat Tango. I had Tang from when I was 5 so it was really sad earlier this year when he died, but Carly has managed to capture him just right.

This darling Victorian-style portrait of me!

This one is a print from Carly's etsy store:

I sent Carly this skirt:
So I only have one of these skirts left now! We both received our swap parcels on the same day, which is kind of nice :3

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