Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's been a little while but exciting things are happening for Crowns Clothing. I'm now using a new logo and design for the blog which is a little more low key and a little more sophisticated.

I sewed pretty solid all weekend, and I've currently got two samples completed for my winter line. Sewing the same thing over and over again is going to get pretty monotonous!

The first dress I completed is modelled on my previous multi-way tie dresses that I've posted before, but with a few changes. The changes I've made are based on customer feedback. It's really good to get actual constructive criticism from people who buy my products! I don't have the completed photos for the new dress but here are some quick ones that Richard put together for me:

So big thanks to Richard for being the man at taking photos, too. They really add to the professionalism of everything.

The other sample that I got done in the weekend is a skirt. It's a little similar in design to the summer skirts I have on Felt currently, but the pattern is more complex and it has more cute features, like pockets! I made it from the fabric that I posted in this post, which was a challenge to work with but really rewarding. It meant I had to really work to finish everything seamlessly (hah) so that it doesn't look messy. I think I achieved what I was going for! I will post a picture in the next few days. I think the basic pattern that I drafted will be what I use for the rest of my skirts for this season, although sadly I have run out of that awesome Vic-uni-library-curtains fabric.

I've been trying to get more active on the Crowns Clothing twitter, so be sure to click on that link and follow me to be really up to date on what's going on for Crowns Clothing!

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