Tuesday, June 1, 2010


With a slight deviation from the usual subject matter of my blog, here's a link to the fantastic local band The Body Lyre's May track. They're recording a track a month for the year, and then releasing the full length in December. Drums and synth are performed by my boyfriend! This is one of my favourite Body Lyre tracks. It is deep and dark and delicious.

Monday, May 31, 2010


This is a promotion that Steinlager is running at the moment. They're supporting the visions of New Zealanders in various ways. I thought I'd sign up and see if I could get some of their help; they provide both monetary and mentoring support.

I've got 14 votes at the moment but every vote counts, so I'd love it if you could take a second to vote for me! The site requires you to be over 18, so you have to enter your date of birth on the homepage. Make sure to put it in DD/MM/YYYY format, rather than the American style.

Just click on the Pure Futures logo at the top of the post to vote.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Newest skirt I've completed! Remember this fabric from an old post?

 You can tell when I haven't roped any of my photographer friends into taking photos for me :/

I've got lots of new pieces in the works, too!

Also don't forget to keep checking the Crowns Clothing Felt page for new items up for sale. There's a link at the top of the side bar.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I love getting mail, and I love the internet. So it was extra exciting yesterday morning when my postman delivered two packages to me!

The first parcel contained this delightful book called A Book of British Crowns.

The second parcel was from my swap with Carly! Carly's blog is http://felinefantaisie.blogspot.com/ and I absolutely love her watercolours and prints, so we decided to do a swap. Check out what I received by clicking below!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Look what came in the mail for me the other day:

Find the contents of this wee box after the jump!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Here's an exciting piece of news: Crowns Clothing is going to feature as part of an ad for Felt.co.nz in Peppermint magazine!

The ad will be in issue #6, and I'm not sure exactly when it will be hitting the shops but I'll definitely keep everyone updated. I've seen Peppermint for sale in Swonderful in Wellington, and I think you can also buy it from Madame Fancy Pants. They're also on facebook here.

The ad will feature this gorgeous picture of one of my summer skirts, taken again by Richard Sando.


It's been a little while but exciting things are happening for Crowns Clothing. I'm now using a new logo and design for the blog which is a little more low key and a little more sophisticated.

I sewed pretty solid all weekend, and I've currently got two samples completed for my winter line. Sewing the same thing over and over again is going to get pretty monotonous!

The first dress I completed is modelled on my previous multi-way tie dresses that I've posted before, but with a few changes. The changes I've made are based on customer feedback. It's really good to get actual constructive criticism from people who buy my products! I don't have the completed photos for the new dress but here are some quick ones that Richard put together for me:

So big thanks to Richard for being the man at taking photos, too. They really add to the professionalism of everything.

The other sample that I got done in the weekend is a skirt. It's a little similar in design to the summer skirts I have on Felt currently, but the pattern is more complex and it has more cute features, like pockets! I made it from the fabric that I posted in this post, which was a challenge to work with but really rewarding. It meant I had to really work to finish everything seamlessly (hah) so that it doesn't look messy. I think I achieved what I was going for! I will post a picture in the next few days. I think the basic pattern that I drafted will be what I use for the rest of my skirts for this season, although sadly I have run out of that awesome Vic-uni-library-curtains fabric.

I've been trying to get more active on the Crowns Clothing twitter, so be sure to click on that link and follow me to be really up to date on what's going on for Crowns Clothing!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So, that black multi-way tie dress I posted a few days ago was pretty popular, and it was the first item I sold on the Crowns Clothing Felt page. But good news! There is now another multi-way tie dress online for sale. This one is in a gorgeous cornflower blue tri-blend jersey fabric. A little lighter than the black dress, and luxuriously soft. This one comes with two ties, a shorter black grosgrain tie and a long cream twill ribbon.

I've also put up a cute wee clutch that I had made to match the bags but it got misplaced in my recent move. It is for sale for only $14, and I plan on making some more to co-ordinate with some of the other pieces.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Got some new fabric the other day, which I am itching to make a skirt or two out of.
I was inspired by the curtains in the Vic library. Scratchy, unnatural fibers in a loose, mesh-like weave, creating curtains that do their job very poorly. But lined, they'd make a perfect skirt!
Short of ripping the curtains off their railings and making off with them, I figured I was probably out of luck if I wanted to get my hands on a similar fabric. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found a thick parcel of this in the remnant bin at Arthur Toye:

Sometimes it is hard to look at a fabric in bulk on a roll in a store and translate it into a finished garment in your head, which is why remnant bins can be so full of goodness. That is, when they're not full of polar fleece or fluoro nylon. I also got a lovely silk-cotton blend with a very subtle woven polka dot. Not sure what I'll use it for. It's so gorgeous and I have so little that I'm worried about wasting it.

BUT. My essay isn't finished so enough dreaming about fabric and back to early Christian art.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I published the Crowns Clothing facebook page two days ago, and I've got over 60 fans already. Granted, they're all my friends and tons of them are dudes, but it's still a good thing to see.

I've been working on my art history essay all day so I'm allowing myself a break for some blogging. So here are some of my favourite pieces listed on the Crowns Clothing Felt page! I put a new skirt up last night and there'll be another online tonight. And once this essay is out of the way I'll be able to spend a bit of time creating new stuff!

This is my take on the American Apparel Le Sac dress. I've got it in a tri-blend blue too, which I haven't yet listed online. I love these dresses because they're so versatile, and they're one-size. The fabric it's made from drapes really nicely, too. I got hooked up when I bought the fabric, which means I'm able to sell these for way less than you'd pay for an American Apparel one.

I love this fabric so much, and only wish I had bought more of it. I found it in a fabric store that was closing down in Hamilton, ON when I was in Canada. The same place where I bought the Versace print my handbag is made out of for about $5 a yard. ANYWAY. This shirt has so much structural detail. I love it... although I don't think I loved it that much when I was making it. It's also a really slim cut, which is why I haven't kept it for myself. I'm thinking of making a few more of these with bigger bows and more sizes.

So, you might be able to tell I've got a soft spot for stripes. But can you blame me when they look so good on a skirt like this? I sold tons of skirts in this cut at the Cuba St Night Market over the summer. This fabric has an extra-gorgeous sheen to it, and a little more weight than your straight cotton, so it won't fly up in the wind (too much!).

This is my newest addition to the Felt page at the moment. I have never seen such a unique fabric... felted wool in such a crazy bright red! It's lovely and thick without being itchy. It actually broke the machine I was making it on. The waistband is constructed of seven individual panels for a really snug and contoured fit.

Unfortunately I don't have a sweet cloudy backdrop to take my photos against anymore. But it's a fair sacrifice in order to live in a house that's clean, safe and quiet I think.

Friday, March 26, 2010


My first 'line', so to speak, has made it online!

You can find Crowns Clothing on Felt, which is essentially a kiwi Etsy, here. The pieces are a combination of new items and the leftovers from markets over the summer. Heaps of skirts! I love making skirts. I want to keep all of the skirts for myself.

As well as checking out the Felt page and perusing (and purchasing) my wares, you should also socially network with Crowns Clothing on Twitter and Facebook!

Easter break approaches and now that I am all moved in to a lovely and quiet and peaceful and clean house, I am itching to get sewing again. Keep an eye out for new pieces, because I've got tons of ideas I'm really looking forward to seeing through.

Also don't forget that I'm totally happy to make people custom items if you've got anything in mind.