Friday, March 26, 2010


My first 'line', so to speak, has made it online!

You can find Crowns Clothing on Felt, which is essentially a kiwi Etsy, here. The pieces are a combination of new items and the leftovers from markets over the summer. Heaps of skirts! I love making skirts. I want to keep all of the skirts for myself.

As well as checking out the Felt page and perusing (and purchasing) my wares, you should also socially network with Crowns Clothing on Twitter and Facebook!

Easter break approaches and now that I am all moved in to a lovely and quiet and peaceful and clean house, I am itching to get sewing again. Keep an eye out for new pieces, because I've got tons of ideas I'm really looking forward to seeing through.

Also don't forget that I'm totally happy to make people custom items if you've got anything in mind.

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