Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Here are some photos from after I rearranged the art and such on my walls last week. This isn't even everything on the walls in our bedroom, but I got as much as I could. Things I have learned from this post: a) I need to take straighter photos, and b) I need to put things on my wall straighter.

At left is a watercolour sketch based on the reenactment of Sasha Pivovarova and Igor Vishnyakov's wedding staged for US Vogue, June 2009. The original photograph can be seen here.

In the middle are two drawings that Callum ordered for me for my birthday. They are by Alicia Carrier. Alicia runs a project called 1 Hour Drawings. Each drawing costs US$10, and she will draw what she can in an hour, loosely around your requests. You can see my two drawings in slightly better condition on her most recent blog post; mine got caught in the rain and had to be rescued with a hairdryer, heavy books and the hot water cupboard.  

The square of wallpaper you might recognise from my last post!

Wider shot featuring the most excellently grim painting. We were given it by Callum's grandmother, who didn't like how depressing it was. It's actually a lot darker - my flash is making it look a lot brighter and more positive than it really is.

L-R: cats, cats, more cats. Original watercolours and prints by Caroline Knowles of Ventricular Projects. I made the black and white collage, and the image at the bottom left (which I can't trace, anyone recognise it?) was on the wall in the room that was at once my mother's, and at once her sister's, at my grandparents' house. 

Maps from an 1886 atlas, purchased from Quilters Bookshop in Wellington. I chose the top one because it shows where I lived in Canada (the ~golden horseshoe~).

Posters I designed to promote Honesty is Appreciated Collective over the 09/10 summer. The first four went up, but the main poster never made it around town. Maybe someday soon when the boys behind Honesty have more time! 

Obscured by the exercises prescribed by my doctor is an Impressionist painting my 12 year old brother did in his year 7 class last year. 

On the far right is a painting done by DRYPNZ, who I met at the Cuba St Night Market in 2009.

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  1. I really love the drawings you've focused in on in the first picture!