Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Just a quick post today! It's the end of the semester so I am in the middle of a busy few weeks. I had an essay due last Friday, I have a big test tomorrow and an exam next week. I've been treating myself to sewing breaks in between study blitzes, and after sending out a cape yesterday I got this email in my inbox today. A lovely surprise! It feels great knowing I have happy customers - I don't always get to hear back after my capes go out into the NZ Post abyss.

Hello Morgan

Thank you so much for the beautiful cape! I was just walking out the door when I spotted the parcel in the mailbox; I immediately backtracked, unpacked it & put it on - so it's had a wearing already.

Sometimes you find a new piece of clothing which immediately feels like an old friend - that's the way I feel about my cape.

So thank you! I hope you continue to make beautiful clothes & your business flourishes!

All the best.
PS I forgot to mention the amazing packaging!